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In Frack Structure

VOICES Coalition

VOICES Coalition is a campaign led by Berks Gas Truth and the Delaware Riverkeeper Network aimed at stopping the expansion and development of fossil fuel pipelines and infrastructure.

VOICES Coalition – Stop Penneast Pipelines are proliferating across the nation to service the fracked gas, oil and gas liquids industries being unwisely advanced. It is important that those of us faced with a pipeline and associated infrastructure like compressor stations and LNG end users, have quick access to information and resources and the ability to connect up with the organizations involved in these battles. We hope that this website can help be that resource for all of us.

If you are seeking information check out our Pipeline Resources page. If you are looking to connect up with others fighting your pipeline check out the Pipeline Battles page. If you have an expert resource or an ongoing battle that is missing from this page then please submit your information so we can review it for posting on this site. If you have questions or need additional information or support feel free to send an email to or give a call to 215 369 1188 ext 102.

Pipeline Experiences

A playlist of videos showing the damage pipelines and compressor stations inflict not only on the property of people who live in the path of this shale gas infrastructure, but also on streams, wetlands and important habitat.

People vs. Fossil Fuels